About Me

A Bit More…

I am a musician. I learned to play the violin and piano as a small child. I loved performing. The stage was home. As it turns out, I’m a bit claustrophobic now so crowds are not my cup of tea…never have been. I’m most comfortable making music onstage. I studied music at San Diego State Univ. and I have made a living performing since I was 15. Problem was…I never wanted to be famous. I had performed alone since the age of 7 and I did not enjoy the fussing over and attention that I got early on. So I knew I didn’t want to be famous, but I knew I wanted to be wealthy! What a conundrum! But, it was an easy way to earn a living.

One day in 2005 I was introduced to Network Marketing. It was a music affiliate program and I was hooked. I loved the idea of working on my own time and earning as much as I wanted depending on how much time I put in! It was great! :)

Since then, I have gone through different businesses and defining moments that have brought me to this chapter in my business life. Income STREAMS are an important idea I have embraced…having been through start-ups, successes and failures, I can say that rolling with the punches is not a difficult thing for me! I think that having multiple income streams is vitally important to our financial health and well-being. I have loved the process of being and growing exponentially with mentors I have grown to love and trust.

So having had the experience I’ve had, when a friend introduced me to SFM/DEA I took a long look and dove in. I am learning so much and everything in me says this journey is taking me on a path where I will have the ability to help others achieve their dreams like never before.


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