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The biggest, most important tip I can give you:
Have your own product!
My greatest success in network marketing came to an end after the company restructured the comp plan and made other bad decisions that led to an ousting of owners and then a takeover! Needless to say, they never consulted me. I had no control over the demise of this business.
My next biggest success came to an end very abruptly when the government scared the CEO into closing the doors.  At least with the network marketing business, the income went down gradually. This one had an instant ending.
Yet another successful business came to an abrupt ending when the owners moved the business out of country and that US citizens could not do business anymore.
By the way, this seems like a good time to point out my second biggest tip:
Have multiple streams of income.
What opened my eyes was when I got involved with a company that sold and taught training for selling on eBay and Amazon. The brilliance about this business was that even if the company ended tomorrow, I still had my businesses and the skills I had learned. Amazon and eBay aren’t going anywhere. Poor decisions by people in charge could not affect me… and yes there has been some corporate turmoil within that business, but it doesn’t matter at all to me.
This is why I am a partner, and in business with the SFM/DEA. Our products are tools and training for marketing online. If the company went away tomorrow (not likely as we’re growing exponentially), I would definitely be sad, but the tools and training will remain (unless the Internet shuts down). 😛
For more serious marketers, the Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academyhas training and tools that teach you how to market yourself, which means you have total control over the product……you.
In the end however, the biggest draw to this company for me is the community. So many like minded people! The mastermind groups that have come from these relationships are invaluable. Were the SFM/DEA to disappear tomorrow, we would still have the relationships and the mastermnd groups that are such a benefit to not only our wallets, but our hearts.  I would still be able to work with some of the foremost marketers on Facebook and YouTube, which would continue to be of benefit to our businesses.
True entrepreneurs have control over their businesses. True entrepreneurs have total control over their wallets. True entrepreneurs have control over their time in this life. 
Do you?
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