I believe the biggest challenge my husband and I have had throughout our business careers was not lack of money, but lack of time. He had a great career that paid quite well, but it owned him. We never had real vacations. Even though he owned his own business as an IT contractor, the company he contracted for had to know where he was at every moment of every day, in case he was needed.

He was able to work mostly from home, but he was on a very short leash. When we went on vacation, he had to work from our vacation destinations, Hawaii, the Caribbean,  Mexico, wherever, during working hours.

Of course we can’t forget the late night calls to help solve a “crisis”. And don’t get me started on how this impacted his health! I watched him deteriorate into a stressed out, sad person. His annual doctor visits included time with his doctor telling him that he HAD to watch his stress because his blood pressure, among other things, were at dangerous levels. Not anymore!! :)

It’s true that many people are searching for 2nd and 3rd streams of income to attempt to create the lifestyle they want and deserve. We get bombarded daily with potential “work from home” opportunities and truly, some of them could change your life… if that’s what you’re looking for.

But that was not us… We had the income, just not the time to appreciate it. I spent years seeking the answer. I’ve been through several MLM businesses, some quite successful, some crashed and burned, but that wasn’t the answer for us. The network marketing industry was no different.  Time=money.

You’ve heard about the idea of trading time for money. That’s what many of us are taught; get a job and get paid for your time and efforts. That is simply not a valid paradigm anymore.

It wasn’t until I was shown that time and money are mutually exclusive and should be entities unto themselves, that I finally got it!
Now, we are able to live what we like to call a “laptop lifestyle”! This means we have our businesses online and are able to work from anywhere in the world where we have internet access. We create our own hours so we don’t miss out on actually enjoying our vacations. The best part is that he now shuts his phone off at night!!

If you can relate to any of what I’m saying, I ask you one thing. Are you still trading time for money in a rat race that you want to get out of?

Do what I did that started it all. Take this free 7 day video training course. It’s the same one we took.

It changed our lives, maybe it could change yours too :)


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