All is Well2
On January 1 of this year, my world as I’ve known it…stopped. All is well, all will always be well. I love the saying “In the end, all is well…and if all is not well, it is not the end!” I am blessed.

Without going into details, let’s just say we had to re-organize…everything.

Our thoughts, our home, our priorities, all of it had to be re-designed. Everything had to be re-designed to fit our new paradigm. This paradigm shift was so drastic and impactful that EVERYTHING I have studied, learned and meditated on came into play in a HUGE way.

I was shaken to my core.  After my morning meditations, I was back on track for the day’s activities, thank goodness.
I thought I had “it” handled. I thought my life’s studies and business journey were on track…and they were. But what I found was that when life throws a curve ball, all the thinking is just that…a thought; a thought about who we are, what we are, our values, our emotions…all of it is simply a thought or a perception about AN ILLUSION. The illusion of thinking we are actually in control of a personality, a human being having a human experience..that that is really who we are. Everything we think about our lives, in a moment is shattered and all of our ideas about who we are become a BIG question.
We can forget…we can forget who we are. We forget that we are actually energy, pure Source Energy having a human experience. We forget that and when we remember who we are, when we connect to our Center, we smile…we are at peace with whatever our human condition is.
My constant mantra was and still is “all is well”. I know this to the core of my being. But the human experience can shake us up a bit, right? Testing testing testing…haha. That’s the idea. Testing, improving, testing, improving…that is the course we are on. I remember a segment on the Oprah show when Oprah said “Please God, can I just not ‘learn’ anything today?”
The key is to stay centered, in a constant state of gratitude and peace. Happiness is the result.
We don’t plan it. We don’t see it coming, and even if we do, still the picture of our lives is destroyed, and we begin again. What an amazing thing!! We can begin again, to re-configure and re-design our lives in an improved, more exciting, more enlightened way!
It is paramount that we do not waste a minute! We must stay mindful to keep ourselves, our minds and our bodies in a state of peace and happiness!
So what did I do?? I meditated harder…more deeply. I kept my thoughts in constant review. I watched them to be sure they served the “greater purpose”.
Is it easy?? No!! It is THE MOST DIFFICULT thing we can focus on…our thoughts. To be Awake, to be Mindful is so important. It is more difficult to monitor our thoughts, to keep them in line, than to “do” anything! “Doing” anything gives us a break from keeping our thoughts in a consistently monitored place. But what is it that we have complete and utter control over? Our Thoughts.
So in the end, this is a “wow, that was intense” moment for us. All we have learned as business entrepreneurs and spiritual beings, has kept us centered and HAPPY! 
The MOUNTAIN is moving
Lots and lots of love to you all. ❤️
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