As many of you know, I have a passion for meditation. When I joined the SFM/DEA community, I found that there were many like-minded people who meditate, and even more who wanted to learn to meditate. One of the huge benefits of being a member of the SFM/DEA, is that we’re given the coaching and assistance with bringing our passions forward. What do we really want to do? How do we want to contribute to our world? What kind of an impact do we truly want to have with our brothers and sisters around the globe? The answers to these questions and more become evident with the journey in the SFM/DEA.

Another amazing member and I have a dream about the possibility of global meditation and world peace. Do you know that studies have shown that meditation in very large groups can lower the crime rate in that area by about 15%?  Do you know about the benefits of lowering of suicide rates and accidents during times of meditation? Just think what might be accomplished with a global meditation!
I’m excited to announce that I just hosted our first live meditation webinar for the SFM community!! It is a very exciting first step!
After we’ve done a few SFM/DEA live meditations, we will then invite the public… which will include a personal invitation to you. Until then, I have placed a video meditation on YouTube which is exactly the same as we used Monday, so I could share the meditation with you. The meditation is less than 15 minutes long and can be used daily or at any time you feel the need to center yourself. This meditation includes music infused with energy to help you meditate more easily, and a yantra (symbol to loosely focus on/ above symbol) and me to guide you. Nothing more.
As I continue to host these live meditations, I will always post a related video so you can meditate any time you choose. Each meditation will have a theme, this first one being the heart center.
Since we met because of business you may be asking what this has to do with business. Some of the most powerful business people in the U.S. meditate. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Arianna Huffington and Russell Simmons are just a few who meditate and are outspoken about its impact on their success.
Being laser focused in business is of paramount importance when we want to accomplish our goals. Meditation helps you to be laser focused along with assisting in so many things including but not limited to creativity, mental clarity and alertness, having peace and calm, happiness and physical health.
Here’s your YouTube link for the meditation. I will let you know when we have the next meditation, and be sure to subscribe to my meditation channel to receive notices.
Success Through Meditation



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