So this is going to be something of a rant…hopefully it will inspire you.

I was sitting at dinner with a social media marketing colleague who was in town on business.

(It was SOOOOO great to see him!!) We were talking about our businesses, the SFM/DEA, online marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing, working from home, etc., etc., etc. At one point he asked me about my passion for our business, and what it was that I love about it, or don’t love about it. I didn’t hesitate.

I said, “All I really want to do is write about meditation. I want to let people know how it can change their lives, how they can be happier and more at peace with meditation. I want to share with them how it helps me and so many others to live more prosperously!”

He laughed and laughed. He asked me why I don’t just do that. Well, in reality, it IS what I do. And the truth is, I get to do just that because of my internet marketing business. I help others achieve their dreams while teaching meditation.

Then, another like-minded friend and I were having a conversation about being our authentic selves. She said she just wanted to make money being herself.

I also laughed and told her, “You can! That’s what I do!” She is one of the coolest, brightest people I know. What she has achieved, she could teach others.

I get to live my life being my authentic self, doing what I love, talking about what I want to talk about, and helping others who want to work from home. I get to write about things that matter.

Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone wants pretty much the same things. Why is it that some figure it out, living life to their heart’s content, passionately and happily, while other struggle?

When we meditate, we get in touch with that part of ourselves that knows more than our conscious minds or selves might know. When we quiet ourselves, stop the chatter in our heads, and are just still, in silence, we can see. We can see more clearly.

Our heart’s desires are hidden within our hearts. To listen to what our heart says, we must be still. We can connect with our true selves in the silence. That is where true happiness lives.

Learn to be still. Make the choice to be happy. Learn to meditate.

Blessings of love and light



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