As we begin our journey to being our successful selves, when we set out to conquer the world, to be the successes we are meant to be, our journey must begin on the inside. When we are focused on being our best and most successful selves, each and every decision is scrutinized and truly focused on being a success.  Whether you’re a work from home entrepreneur, an online marketer, whatever your environment, the journey begins in the same manner.

True success cannot be defined by how much money we have, how much of anything physical we may acquire or own, or our particular standing in this world. While we must work to become the very best version of ourselves, in the end…this is true…we already have everything we need. We understand the key to success is not about doing more. It is about knowing the freedom of being our true selves; the selves that don’t care about what anyone thinks. To love ourselves as we are, knowing that we are exactly enough.
Our truest selves are not affected by our pasts. Our true self is pure. We can only manifest true success when we shed all of the blockages we have formed that prevent us from fully engaging in the “now”, or present moment.
When we are able to fully embrace the richness of our lives, we live successfully!
When we are living with wonder and joy, we are living a successful life!
Why do we even have a need or desire for success to begin with? There are times when we have achieved a goal and we may feel fulfilled and happy, or conversely, empty. Just because we have acquired more money, status, power, or possessions does not guarantee happiness or peace within!  There are many people who have so much and may be admired in society that feel empty with their success. Many times they miserably crave even more, more of the things that did not fulfill them with the success they achieved.
Feeling and acting like a success on a daily basis, actually saves us from feeling the loneliness of reaching a goal at the top of a mountain, filled with emptiness.
Every path leading to success, is actually a path to being free.
We set our goals to being successful in one way or another, but in the world’s wisdom traditions, with our external trappings or apparent success, the success is in fact simply an upgrade of the illusion.  The freedom from illusion lies beyond the idea of conventional success.
True happiness and liberation come from “the peace that passes all understanding”. This is the reason we have heard so many sages and teachers with wisdom telling us to be “in the world, but not of it”. This means that we must detach ourselves from labels that do nothing but limit us. Our unbounded true selves resist all labels and definitions.
Meditation is key to finding true success, happiness and peace within. Once we have discovered, or found our true selves once again, labels, definitions and judgments are abandoned and we are left with true success and the freedom to simply be. In the Vedic traditions of India, the Enlightened, or fully Awakened person says “I am that.” “That” meaning pure existence, pure awareness, and absolute freedom.
This is who you already are. It’s like Glenda the good witch said to Dorothy, “you had it (the power to go home) all along.” It is who you are…free and truly successful. It doesn’t matter that you’ve forgotten and can’t see it, it is who you are.
Your true self gives you unconditional support and true, unbridled love. When you can connect with your true self once again, and realize that you are loved and supported, then you will have achieved the limitless, unbounded success that lies beyond success; and nothing…absolutely nothing is more important.


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