Have you ever noticed how our emotions can influence our bodies, and our bodies can influence our emotions?

When we are faced with life’s challenges, our minds and our bodies feel the stress equally.

What I have found is that the way to get through these difficult times is to adjust our sense of balance. Literally. We can’t avoid the daily ups and downs in life. They’re a part of our human experience. These experiences are actually gifts that point us in a direction of a new center of being, which in turn points us to the fulfillment of our successful selves!
Find your center. Balance yourself and allow your mind and body to work harmoniously together. Let your experiences, “good” or “bad”, guide you to your centered, balanced self, where your mind and body naturally want you to be. This place, this state of being, is the place where you can experience a truly successful life!
As you know, the mind is naturally connected to the body through our brains. The mind and the body are partners working together to create harmony within. Once we trust our bodies to give us the signals, the directions for decisions in life, we can know that the foundation for success has been laid.
Our bodies have 2 important needs to work at their best on our behalf. The first is balance, the second is bio-rhythms. Balance is a flexible state of being. This balance allows us to have the energy to respond to any situation our bodies require in that moment, then to return to our natural, resting and balanced state. The mind, along with the body, are what create this required balance.
Our bodies are constantly sending messages to our brains so that our cells can communicate our states of being, stressed or at peace. Our mind cannot separate itself from our bodies, and behave as if an event is purely mental. Sadness and happiness send signals to the body and the body responds very differently to each emotion. A moment of stress creates a mind-body event.
To stay in balance means to able to stay alert and active whenever we need to be, while understanding our body’s need to return to a stress-free and resting state.
The body’s second requirement is our natural bio-rhythms. Our hectic pace of life in today’s world is always fighting against our body’s natural bio-rhythms. But to be aware of this is extremely important. We must honor our body’s need to be kept intact, functioning smoothly, and in a state of balance. Losing sleep for instance, or missing a good night’s sleep, has consequences. It can lead to an imbalance in our hormonal systems, which can lead to bad moods, increase in appetite, and inflammation, or sickness.
The most important bio-rhythm is sleep. The daily rise and fall of our metabolism is another. To respect our body’s natural bio-rhythms, follow a daily routine. Don’t skip meals. Eat at at the same time daily. Move your body a minimum of once an hour. Don’t sit and focus while staying in one place for long stretches of time. We must allow our mind-body system to relax and re-balance.
Always remember you are a part of nature’s infinite harmony. The harmony of the mind-body connection becomes the foundation for all that you will accomplish in life.
Balance and Harmony energize you for whatever life brings, which is the foundation for a successful journey in life.


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