Trust in yourself
Trust your decisions
Do you ever feel a sense of doubt, fear and uncertainty about a decision you’ve made? You may have an uneasy feeling while searching for the right answer when you don’t know what that right answer is.

When you don’t know…when you truly don’t know what decision to make, this is what I know for sure. Be still. Be still and stay open until the answer comes to you.
Our teacher told us many times that confusion is one of the very best states of mind. The reason is that out of that confusion comes wonderful things. When we are confused, something beautiful emerges. Many times we just have to let go and surrender in the knowledge that the universe will arrange everything for the Greater Good. When we allow the Light to guide and support us, answers come clearly and swiftly. This Source can dream a bigger dream than we could have ever imagined. We must learn to trust in that knowledge. We have vision like a horse with blinders on…we see just what is in front of us…we see only what we see! The Universe has a 360 degree view…even beyond.
When we have success, we can clearly see that the choices we made were correct. However many times in trying to make a decision, we come to a fork in the road. We make the choice to go down one path, but then, after going down that path, we second-guess ourselves and wonder what the other path would have been like. That is natural. What we don’t want to do is look at the road we’re on with regret.
When we don’t trust in our decisions, we can sometimes live with the constant “what if”. What if I’d done this? What if I’d done that? These thoughts take our focus off the present moment where our future is being created. When we trust that our choices fit the larger plan for our lives, we move forward with peace.
Life is too uncertain to predict! How can we know what our next thought will be, much less what will happen in 1 year or 10 years?
So how can we be uncertain, and be at ease with that uncertainty at the same time? By understanding the greater vision. The answer lies in the knowledge of a higher purpose. This higher purpose is communicated by a higher intelligence, a higher intelligence which lies within each and every one of us. It governs, creates and controls how our lives unfold and become our personal reality.
Our choice comes into play when we make the decision to align with our higher intelligence. and trust our decisions even when we don’t understand why things are happening.
Trust develops even though we may have disappointments, setbacks or even crisis. In these moments we must tell ourselves that everything happens for a reason.
It is so much better to feel secure in this belief; to know from our experience that what may seem like setbacks or disappointments actually are meant to fit into our evolving into the person we are meant to be.
The more we connect with our true selves and trust in our connection with our true self, the more we will understand how setbacks and disappointments fit into one of the following categories:
1) It is temporary and straightens itself out with very little effort
2) It points us in a new direction which asks us to re-examine what we’re doing
3) It contains negative beliefs that were hidden that we need to work on
4) It prepares the way for a wonderful new opportunity that is getting ready to present itself
Have patience. Understand a setback takes time to resolve itself. Center yourself and be still. Accept for the moment that life is uncertain. Know that all will be well. An explanation may come, but also may not. Focus on the larger plan that will carry you forward.
Your higher self is always preparing and guiding you toward your best state of well-being, even though we will have bumps along the way.
Trust that your life fits a larger plan. Rest in this knowledge whenever a disappointment or setback comes along. Trust that all will be well. Trust <3
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