I feel that what we learn, we teach. I read, listen and watch constantly while searching for insights, new things to learn, and for more ways to improve the “Human becoming” that I am. I found the following information valuable, and since many of you come from an network marketing background, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I thought you would appreciate it.

In all successful businesses there is a formula for success.

The problem is we sometimes don’t follow the given formula! Proven systems such as franchises, demand you follow their system, or you will not be allowed to own one. McDonald’s will take away your franchise if you don’t follow their proven system! McDonald’s also proves that the system is more important than the product.

Any successful MLM company has a proven formula, whether direct from the company or a top earning member. My success with MLM did not start until I plugged in to a system. I wasn’t shown this system when I started, so I learned the very hard way what the difference is.
When it comes to following a system, you literally have to put on blinders and follow the leader. We must ignore the negative comments from friends and family who think they know better, and move forward with the chosen system.
But most importantly, we must ignore our own negative self talk. We need to “get out of our own way”. Sometimes we aren’t sure about the system we’re learning from, so we start thinking of “better ideas”. We start wanting to “re-invent the wheel.” This is soooo based on a total lack of understanding!
Enter Mr. Miyagi.  He told the Karate Kid to “wax on, wax off”. He said, “just do, don’t think”. Sometimes when we don’t understand why we are doing something, we don’t want to do it. We must get past this point, remember our blinders and keep doing what we’re told. Period.
It wasn’t until Mr. Miyagi threw a punch and the Karate Kid instinctively deflected it with a ‘wax on” move, that the Karate Kid fully understood not only what he was doing but why he was doing it.
It takes due diligence to find the right system. Once you’ve found it, you must focus on the proven steps and quit over-thinking the process. Once we have found a source for learning a system we can trust, then we must move forward with that trust. We must follow our systems the same way the Karate Kid followed Mr. Miyagi. We may not completely understand why we’re performing a particular set of tasks, but we must trust, and know that the proven steps will lead us to someday attaining that “aha moment”; that moment when we realize there was a “method to the madness” after all!
Whatever the business environment, in whomever you find trust, put the blinders on, follow the leader, and move forward in a massive way to know the success you deserve!
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