What exactly is the SFM/DEA?

This is the question I asked myself, almost one year ago. I was skeptical, which I believe we should all be when offered any “business opportunity”. After doing my due diligence, I dove into the SFM/DEA at the top level. Our commissions are different depending on the level we join at, and I didn’t want to leave any money on the table!

Since joining in partnership with this company, with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, I have come to know that what I thought this company was, is no where near how amazing it actually is. It is so much more than I could’ve imagined.

The SFM/DEA is an online business geared to teaching the tools necessary for how to market a product online. It is a business academy for learning how to become an online marketer, a digital marketer, using Facebook, Google, YouTube and other marketing environments.

The SFM/DEA is a community of entrepreneurs all moving in a positive direction supporting one another and encouraging one another in our quest to conquer the world of online marketing. The desire to be in business for ourselves, to work from anywhere in the world, on our own time, to earn as much as we dream, is more than a dream we can all accomplish. All of us at the SFM/DEA want just that!  And after being a part of the community for almost a year, we now know that anyone can do and be all they want.

So we have instruction, coaching, and community support. We learn and earn at our own pace. Our accomplishments are quantifiable and limited only by our desires and the time we put in.

As I said earlier, there are several levels to joining this business. We can come in with just an application (which I don’t recommend if one is seriously trying to move ahead in the digital business environment), or we can choose one of the other levels depending on how much we want to earn, and learn. Your coaches will help you decide which level is best for you.

With this business, we can work anywhere we have internet connection! That can mean we can “work” in a coffee shop in Bali, on the beaches of Tulum near the ruins of the Mayan Empire or anywhere else our hearts desire! We can travel with our work. We can choose our schedule. We don’t have to ask to take a break, or take time off to attend to a love one. We can spend as much time with our families as we want! If our children are sick, or have a school function we want to go to, we can!

Well, you can see where my heart is. Do your due diligence and join us on this amazing adventure. Timing is critical, and this business is at a precipice, or jumping off point. The partnerships that are being garnered are about to take our business to a whole different level. Getting into a business at the right time is everything, and in our opinion, NOW is the time to take a look at the SFM/DEA.

I wish you well with whatever you do, in whatever business environment you choose, I happen to think this is the best business in the online business world!

To your success!



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